Three Famous Austin Musicians

CAPTAIN LOGO1. Janis Joplin

Born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas, Janis Joplin spent time at the University of Texas in Austin before moving on to San Francisco, where she gained recognition as the lead singer of Big Brother and the Holding Company.


2. Willie Nelson

Although he wasn’t originally from Austin, Willie Nelson moved there in 1972 and was inspired by the music scene to rekindle his own recording career.

3. Spoon

One of the more popular modern bands to come out of Austin, Spoon was formed in 1993 and continues to be based in the eclectic city.

Austin has one of the best live music scenes in the country, and Charlie Pierce is an integral part of that scene.

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3 Top Austin-Based Bands


  1. The Octopus Project: Are you looking for music with a more experimental sound? The Octopus Project offers quality experimental tunes, avant garde and amazing.
  2. Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis: For an unbeatable Austin country sound, try listening to the stylings of Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis. Their country flair is the perfect soundtrack for any Texan get-together.
  3. Choctaw Wildfire: This Austin-based upright base, piano, and drums trio offers quality New Orleans-style music unparalleled in the Austin music scene.

Would you like to hear Choctaw Wildfire’s EP? Head to Charlie Pierce Music to hear Choctaw Wildfire’s awesome musical offerings for quality listening.

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3 Tips for Throwing a Crawfish Boil


  1. Quality Eats: The most important element to a crawfish boil is the crawfish. Make sure to use live, freshly caught crawfish for the freshest eats.
  2. Good Drinks: Nothing pairs better with crawfish than beer. Offer guests a wide selection of craft beers, and throw a little bit into the crawfish pot for added flare.
  3. Killer Music: To set the mood at your next crawfish boil, play some classic New Orleans music for an authentic ambiance.

Are you looking for some tunes for your next crawfish boil? Straight from NOLA, Charlie Pierce offers killer music, perfect to liven up any crawfish boil.

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